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The Rider-Pool Foundation FAQs for Proactive Grantmaking

The Rider-Pool Foundation FAQs for Proactive Grantmaking

How can my program/organization be considered for a Proactive Grant?

A small number of proactive grants will be awarded to organizations or groups of organizations working together to address a complex community issue.  We are interested in hearing ideas for projects that are linked to our concentrated areas of interest: Generational Success in Education, Community Development Linked to Economic Development in the Allentown NIZ, and Measurement for Results. The social determinants of health, such as housing and education, will be represented in all proactive grantmaking.

Please feel free to schedule a phone call with one of our Program Officers to discuss your idea. There is not an open call for written proposals.

A phone meeting with Ron Dendas or Joe Napolitano can be scheduled by writing:

Are all the proactive grants being directed to Allentown?

We are focused on the impact of activities in and around the Neighborhood Improvement Zone. However, any project that shows great potential for long-term benefit to residents in the community will be discussed.

Are grants only being given to organizations that have a Collective Impact Fellow?

No.  Proactive grants may be made to any organization.

How do I apply to become a Collective Impact Fellow?

The 2020 Collective Impact Cohort is being confirmed now. The Rider-Pool Foundation Trustees will determine the continuation of the program during their 2020 meetings.

The past cohorts of the Collective Impact Fellowship have been selected to create a specific mix of non-profit leaders, local government, education, and healthcare representatives with diverse perspectives of social issues. Future Fellows are selected through referrals, including recommendations from prior participants.  They must also agree to actively participate in a time and work intensive nine-month program.