Learn About Our Strategies and How to Apply

The Rider-Pool Foundation’s funding program is focused on:

  • Education
  • Human Services
  • Culture and Art
  • Community Development

The Trustees have made significant changes in how the organization awards grant monies. Beginning in 2014, The Rider-Pool Foundation, while maintaining a responsive component of support, took a proactive approach in seeking funding opportunities consistent with our mission. The Rider-Pool Foundation’s sharpened focus concentrates on three major topics:

  • Generational Success in Education
  • Community Development Linked to the Economic Development in the Allentown Neighborhood Improvement Zone
  • Measurement for Results

Support is provided to organizations working within the Lehigh Valley region of eastern Pennsylvania.

Application Process

All requests are reviewed and evaluated by The Rider-Pool Foundation’s Executive Director. Final approval is determined by The Rider-Pool Foundation’s Board of Trustees. Awards are made for unsolicited proposals once a year.  Requests are accepted through an electronic application process located below.

Requests should be as concise as possible and include:

  • A description of need
  • Specific objectives (what you plan to accomplish with the funds)
  • A work plan to accomplish objectives, including a time schedule
  • A proposed method to evaluate project effectiveness
  • A budget fully defined, including all sources of financial support, committed and pending
  • Evidence of the organization’s not-for-profit tax status
  • Current Board of Directors (we also like to hear about how your Board reflects the population you serve)

The Rider-Pool Foundation is restricted from providing funds to individuals, legislative or lobbying efforts, political or fraternal organizations or organizations outside the United States and its territories. The Rider-Pool Foundation, as a policy, does not provide operating or capital funds to sectarian institutions, hospitals, organizations or programs in which funds will be used primarily for the propagation of religion. Further, The Rider-Pool Foundation does not underwrite charitable or testimonial dinners, fund-raising events or related advertising or the subsidization of books, mailings or articles in professional journals.

Please contact our office with any inquiries or questions.

Click here to begin the application process.

Please note – The Rider-Pool Foundation’s application process will open July 1.

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